Hello there. I’m Sophia. This is my blog. It’s all about food.


[This photo is of me mesmerised by my breakfast – I will revisit and write a post on it soon]

We need food to survive, but for some it is so much more than that. As a student, I spend the majority of my student loan on food and alcohol (but still mainly food) as it seems to be the thing to look forward to during LONG days of lectures, tutorials, library studying etc.

I live, during term time, in London, where there are THOUSANDS of opportunities to try delicious food. Whether it be in little cafes, big restaurants or even quirky food markets, London is a city that LOVES its food.

Now, since I enjoy going to all these places so much, I have decided to start a blog about it. Whether I have one reader, or millions, it is more a food diary for me to document where is good, what is good to order and whether or not I would go back. If you would like to hear my opinions then keep on reading. If you want to drool over pictures of food and menus, then keep on reading. If you think my opinion is irrelevant then keep reading anyway I might write something funny or amusing to make you smile (or not).

I am going to try and categorise the places that I go to into the following:

  • chain restaurants / cafes
  • takeaways / deliveroo
  • restaurants / cafes / pubs / bars in London
  • restaurants / cafes / pubs / bars elsewhere in the UK
  • restaurants / cafes / pubs / bars around the world
  • food markets / food stalls

I hope that you enjoy my documentation of the various foods that I eat, and I hope that it will inspire you to try these places yourself.

Lots of love,

Sophia xoxo


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