Happy Pancake Day!

Name: My Old Dutch

Location: Holborn, London

Date Visited: 27/02/17

In the spirit of pancake day today, I am writing about some delicious pancakes that you can find in Central London!

My Old Dutch is a chain pancake house in London, they have a few located around the central area. However, for the sake of my blog, this pancake house has not spread to the rest of the UK yet therefore I will keep it in the London category.

I visited the restaurant with my flatmates late on Monday night, around 9:45pm. On Mondays they do a deal where you can get some pancakes off the menu for £5.65, which is the same price as the Kids’ menu. After a ponder over the ridiculously large menu where it is almost impossible to decide, I came to the conclusion to order the ‘Berry Compote’ pancake off the sweet pancake menu.

I am personally not a fan of savoury pancakes, which was my main motivation for choosing one off the sweet menu. One of my flatmates ordered the fruit salad one, another ordered one of the special pancakes which was not on the discount, and my other flatmate ordered two pancakes! (Trust me there should be an exclamation mark there as these pancakes are bloody massive!!!!!)


The pancake itself was a crêpe style pancake, though it is notable that they also do american style pancakes, as described as ‘butterscotch’ pancakes on their menu, however these were not in the deal. My pancake was folded to keep the compote inside, and I was also given 3 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream with this (you have a choice between ice cream or whipped cream with most pancakes). The compote itself was slightly sour, which I had expected, however the addition of the sweet, creamy ice cream did balance out this flavour, making a good combination. The compote consisted of blueberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, raspberries and strawberries. They created a bright ruby red sauce to which I could submerge my pancake before devouring it.


The pancake was incredibly filling! The amount sugar that I consumed did give me a slight sugar high for a while, but it was totally worth it.

Was the My Old Dutch pancake anything special?

The pancake, overall, was absolutely delicious. After I ate it, I got excited by the idea of returning to the restaurant and trying out more of their other flavours. The size of the pancake made it slightly more exciting, when you see the waitresses bringing them to your table you feel like a young child again, excited to chow down the pancake with plentiful exciting toppings on. I think that perhaps the thing that makes this restaurant more unique would be their special pancake combinations, however these are significantly more expensive than the rest of the menu, which is certainly something to take into account.

Was the My Old Dutch pancake worth the money?

I believe that the pancake was totally worth the money, especially on the deal. One criticism that I do have, however, is that I was slightly somewhat disappointed with the selection that you can get on the Monday £5.65 deal, especially since I do not like savoury pancakes. However, I have noted that on other days of the week they do offer student discount – so it does seem like it can be a place that everyone can find a pancake that they want at a reasonable price.

Would go again, for sure.

Until next time,

Sophia xoxo


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