Delicious discovery before a train home!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lag in posts, I have a few good ones coming soon to please stay tuned and don’t think that I have abandoned you guys!!!!

I posted a picture on my instagram, which was also featured on chozen noodle’s instagram OMG, which I have been promising a review about, so here it is!

Name: Chozen Noodle

Location: Paddington, London

Date Visited: 23/02/17

Chozen noodle, is an asian restaurant-takeaway chain that has a few locations around London (which once again I will put in the London category as I do not think they are around the UK yet). It has similar vibes to that of Wasabi – although it focusses more on the hot food as opposed to sushi.

Having visited Wasabi before, and being slightly disappointed with their bento boxes, I was slightly reluctant to buy a dish at this place. I was waiting for my train at Paddington, and had an hour to spare I decided to grab some food. All it took was a walk past the shop to get me inside: you can see the HOT and DELICIOUS sauces steaming away in the window, with alluring smells that make you salivate.

I just had to go inside!!!


I ordered a Chicken Katsu Curry, with a side of a big bag of tapioca crackers. I ordered a medium size, which I will admit was the perfect size as it was incredibly filling! The curry sauce was absolutely gorgeous, the perfect temperature, which I did expect as they keep it warm at the counter. The proportions of rice to sauce to chicken were almost perfect (I personally would have liked more sauce and would definitely ask for more next time), they give you two pieces of the panko-crusted chicken, which is notably more than you get at Wasabi for the same price. I was very fulfilled after finishing the pot!

Is Chozen Noodle anything special?

I only sampled one of their items, and it was satisfying. I think that to say whether or not it is special I would have to visit again (which after my first trip I won’t be hesitating to make), but the curry I had was very delicious! If you are into bento dishes then I would certainly suggest popping in around lunchtime if you fancy it!

Is Chozen Noodle worth the money?

I believe the total of my food came to around £6-7, which isn’t bad for a dinner that I didn’t have to cook myself, was filling, and convenient near the train station before I had to go home. The prices seemed similar to its other competitors, therefore I cannot argue that it is overpriced. I personally preferred this curry A LOT more than the one I have had at Wasabi before, and because of this I would say that yes, it is worth the money (and if it was cheaper I would certainly be going more often!)

Until next time,

Sophia xoxo



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