Pizza pizza PIZZA

Name: Pizza Pilgrims

Location: Soho, London

Date Visited: 08/03/17

Hello friends. For those of you who don’t know me all that well, pizza is my favourite food. Pizza is love. Pizza is life. (LOL if you get that reference…)

There is something so satisfying about biting into a slice of a beautiful dough base, topped with sweet yet herby tomato sauce and stringy, salty mozzarella cheese. There is nothing wrong with a plain Margherita in my eyes, although this will not stop me from ordering the most random toppings on a pizza! I am sure that you will see it make an appearance a lot on this blog, as I hunt for the ULTIMATE HOLY GRAIL PIZZA, and as my first post, Pizza Pilgrims is certainly setting the bar high!

So my boyfriend and I were having a mid-week date night, celebrating an assessment centre that I had completed that day, and we were originally planning on visiting a restaurant in Soho (not to be named as we didn’t go there and I’ll make a post on it when I actually go), but as they weren’t able to take us, we searched for somewhere else.

The bright green exterior of the restaurant drew us in, that and the fact that the upstairs was full of people eating the most delicious looking pizzas. We had a quick glance at the menu, which is simple, yet elegant in the fact that pizza doesn’t have to be complicated. When we saw the price, we knew that we should go in. We were seated at a table with another couple on, which we didn’t mind. The interior of the restaurant had a retro-vibe about it; there was even a table football table downstairs!

We ordered a pizza each, and ended up eating half of each others pizza! I ordered the salami pizza with extra chilli, and my boyfriend ordered the ‘nduja pizza with extra garlic. We also got a side dip of pesto aioli for our pizza crusts.


Salami (closest), ‘Nduja (further away)


The pizza crusts were incredible, so crispy on the outside, doughy on the inside, chunky enough to dip into the basil, garlic, creamy dip that we ordered. I was living for those crusts. My pizza toppings, the salami and chilli were spicy and salty. The salami was almost shredded, which was unusual but gave a different texture and crispiness which I haven’t seen before, I was loving it. I did not realise at the time that they also offer you chilli oil to drizzle on your pizza, and I feel that this made adding the chillies redundant, so as an option I would leave it.

As for the ‘nduja pizza, the garlic made a HUGE difference. It was like a hybrid of pizza and garlic bread rolled into one! Words cannot describe how delicious that was. The ‘nduja sausage was smoky and spicy, and the texture of it was strange as it almost seemed like the sausage melted in the oven.

Both pizzas had a smooth, sweet, herby, full of flavour tomato sauce and plenty of mozzarella. The basil leaves on top gave a very tasty flavour and only added more to the sensations that I was getting from this pizza.

Now I do have a criticism, and it is a personal preference. I would have liked my cheese slightly more melted until it is borderline crispy, because I feel that it made the base of the pizza a bit soggy. But I would like to say that this did not take away from the fact that I literally was loving every single bite of this pizza. (I just had to be more cautious to not get toppings down my shirt.)


Cutting food porn

Was Pizza Pilgrims anything special?

If you read all of the above then yes, I believe that this pizza was definitely an experience and I literally cannot wait to go back and try something else. There are a few dotted around London so I think if you’re visiting the city then it is certainly a place to consider! 100% one of my holy grail contenders (tbc I will make a list one day of the best pizza places in London.)

Was Pizza Pilgrims worth the money?

£9-10 for a pizza? OF COURSE. 0 doubts.

Until next time on my pizza voyage,

Sophia xoxo



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