New York Fold: Worth the hype?

Name: NY Fold Location: Charing Cross Road, London Date visited: 07/02/18 Yooooooo wasuuuuuup! Short and sweet post today - another pizza post. God Sophia do you EVER eat anything else? No sorry. So I came across NY Fold on a Tastemade live video, where they went to the opening and showed the inside of the … Continue reading New York Fold: Worth the hype?


Hidden gem in Farringdon…

Name: The Piano Works Where: Farringdon, London Date Visited: 22/03/18 Hello peeps welcome back! So it has reached the day where my time at UCL is coming to an end. Final days of lectures have been and gone, we are into the final term full of just coursework and exams and blogging lol. The thought of … Continue reading Hidden gem in Farringdon…

So what have I spent the last 3 days trying to queue for?

Hello everyone, For those of you who do not know, the world's first Michelin-Star street-food vendor, Hawker Chan, came to Kerb Kings Cross this week, selling Soya Sauce Chicken and Rice for £6. This has been highly publicised and the Telegraph even wrote an article about it. Now, I am always sucked in on the … Continue reading So what have I spent the last 3 days trying to queue for?